Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Resolutions

This year, as I was thinking about resolutions and how they rarely last past March, I was trying to think of how I could make them stick (I try new methods to alleviate this problem every year--never works). So, this year I decided to make just a few resolutions and list ways to accomplish each.

1. Be On Time
     a) Go to bed early
     b) Wake up early
     c) Get ready for the day immediately
     d) Make a graceful exit

2. Exercise
     a) Consistency
     b) Make it fun
     c) Take the Miz
     d) Reward myself with classes

3. Enjoy Work
     a) Be friendly
     b) No job too small
     c) Volunteer to help with things I'm interested in
     d) Find a mentor

4. Become Closer to God
     a) Consistent scripture reading
     b) Consistent prayers
     c) Find creative ways to help people with family history
     d) Go to the temple

5. Miscellany
     a) Make one recipe out of each cookbook I own
     b) Grow an herb garden
     c) Learn to sew one item of clothing
     d) Make a sweet video

Bonus: Track progress in journal and/or blog


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  2. Woops. Didn't mean to delete that. It basically said that we should sew together and make some sweet clothes. I have a machine and I think it would be fun.

    1. The comments get emailed to me! So I saw it even though you deleted it! And yes, let's do it! I'll try to learn how to use my machine before August...